descente de canoe kayak vue du dessus

3 excursions to enjoy

canoe camping parcours 10 km le rozier

10 km - Le Rozier

€14 per person - Everyone can do this enjoyable excursion

This fun downriver trip is suitable for the entire family. Enjoy the experience and make the most of this excursion without any worries. Explore the Gorges du Tarn and its amazing and spectacular environment, natural habitats, fish and unspoilt nature. Take your time, have a break on one of the beaches along the Tarn’s riverbanks and gaze around you - you might even encounter one of the otters who live there... Le Pont Cassé on your left and Château de Peyrelade on your right mean you are almost at the end, and fun, slightly faster section provides a ‘white water’ thrill.

canoe gorge du tarn 15 km   les mas de la font

15 km - Le Mas de la Font

€19 per person – An ideal day excursion with picnic and swimming

This more energetic excursion lets you enjoy the unspoilt beauty of the Gorges du Tarn. A few rapid sections offer you the thrill of a true white water experience. Stop off for a well-deserved rest at the little beaches along the way, enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool, crystal-clear waters, and marvel at the breath-taking scenery. You will come across many great sights including Le Mas de la Font, La Sablière rapids, a pretty and traditional hamlet, the St Marcellin Troglodyte village on your right, and the Rocher de Cinglegros on your left. These all make your excursion a wonderfully novel experience. Relax, take a deep breath and admire the vultures flying in the blue sky, the fish swimming in the water, and - if you’re lucky - our lord and friend the beaver... 

canoe gorge du tarn toboggan 20km les vignes

20 km - Les Vignes

€25 per person – A more energetic excursion for people with stamina

As soon as you enter the river, the tone is set for your excursion: you must go down the canoe shoot in the middle of the Des Vignes weir to start your adventure! This excursion demands a good level of fitness due to its length. You’ll instantly discover the river’s character - full of eddies and white water sections. Avoid the rocks and paddle in the rapids! Here, nature reigns supreme and welcomes you in splendour, with its amazing scenery and views. Head off to explore the Grotte de l’Hirondelle cave, dive from the square rock if you dare, and hunt for shrimp when you stop on one of the beaches along the river. Adventure and enjoyment awaits you!