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canoe gorge du tarn
Canoe Canoes originally come from South America. You sit or stand in them and use a single paddle. They are quite uncomfortable so we prefer kayaks.
paddle sur le tarn
Paddleboard Stand-up paddleboards or SUPs are a recent arrival to our river. They offer a new way to explore and travel through the Gorges du Tarn.

Sitting, kneeling or standing on the board, you use a paddle to move with the currents. This fun activity requires some skill. You can enjoy paddleboarding beside the campsite in calmer waters or - if you are skilled enough - opt for an adventure as you conquer the rapids.

kayak en couple
Kayak Kayaks were originally used by the Inuit. Kayakers sit down and use a double-bladed paddle. We offer open kayaks so you can take your picnic and belongings with you. Kayaks are a reliable, comfortable, easy to use type of watercraft.